Scouterna i Katrineholm – The Scouts in Katrineholm

The Scout group of Katrineholm is called Katrineholms Scoutkår. We are more than 300 children, youth, and adults in the group. You can join the scouts with weekly activities from the age of 8, or when you start the second year at school. But it does not matter if you are younger or older – all ages are welcome! Younger children can join the family scouts, who meet every second Sunday, together with their parents. Children and young people are scouts to experience the friendship, adventures, and learn new things. When you get older you can also become a leader and help the younger ones to grow and develop as human beings, or help with other things that are necessary to do to make everything work in the group.

We are located in our Scout House (Scoutgården), at Stalls Backe close to the road to Nyköping, Nyköpingsvägen. This is where we have most of our activities. But we also have a smaller hut – Scoutstugan – at the lake Forssjösjön, east of Katrineholm. We also have some activities in other places.

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The Guides and Scouts of Sweden prepares young people for life! Being a Scout means experiencing adventure with others in a large international community while at the same time growing as a person. There are 65 million Scouts worldwide, with about 70,000 in Sweden.

Scouting activities take place in small groups called patrols, where everyone can be seen and get involved on their own terms. In the Scouts, you learn by doing and you grow through challenges. You are given the opportunity to develop and to lead, both yourself and others. Nature is our living room and we challenge ourselves by doing things in new environments in new ways.

The Scouts are fighting for a better world where everyone is equal. Our members are encouraged to influence what happens in society, both where they live and in the rest of the world.

The Scouts are for and led by young people, with the support of adults.
Our activities are based on values that ultimately are about being a good friend and a good person. All children and young people are welcome in the Scouts. We don’t have a substitutes’ bench.